The best Side of 青年培訓

The best Side of 青年培訓

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All components ended up fashioned beforehand. So are we, for we have been chosen before the foundation on the earth was laid. The within stones with the temple couldn't be noticed, for they had been protected with cedarwood and gold. Just the gold may be witnessed. We, the dwelling stones of theBuilding of God, usually are not being found. Christ only should be to be noticed.

在回應這種看法時,我們要問:當主耶穌說‘這是我的身體’ 時,怎麼可能祂手裡捧著一部分的身體,人卻是在祂完整的身體裡呢?”



The purpose of the Church is to glorify God from the increase of the human body of Christ while in the holy religion; also to unfold the Gospel for the ends 教會 with the earth, successful, baptizing, training.


Though we believe that the human body of Christ is composed of all believers from Pentecost for the Rapture, we do worry the value of the area church, or assembly. The regional assembly is the Actual physical system by which the Body (Church) is manifested.


You can find 3 references inside the Bible that refer to three various sorts of folks. None of them are associated, yet These are identified as-out providers, or assemblies.


同時,基督徒認為,因為基督是教會當中聖徒的原型,每個信徒都是基督的複製品,所以,教會是基督的擴大和繁殖。這樣就把教會比作一個活的生命體。這樣的教會,就可以超越時間和空間。在這些基督徒看來,只要是由「神所揀選」、由「基督所救贖」的會眾,就都是所謂的教會的一部份,無論他們生活於什麼時代什麼處所。 神的國度[编辑]


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